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Come and join us as we talk all things dance. Where does one find the perfect dancing shoes? Are you looking for dance studios close to you with the best classes? Do you eagerly wait to recommend your favourite online stores to fellow dancers? All this and so much more will be discussed, debated and shared, right here on our website. Whether you are trained in ballet, cannot resist a foxtrot, or simply love to tango, the Kingdom of Dance has something perfect for you!

The Community of Dance

As dancers in an increasingly digital world, it can sometimes be challenging to meet and share your passion with others that enjoy it. However, finding a fun, friendly dancing community makes every day and every dance that much better. We want to make that happen for you!

Nowadays, online dance communities have become indispensable across the world. People find new dances, the latest trends, and the best dance outfits and equipment through social media. Connecting with these communities keeps dancers updated with the latest developments in dance. It also allows amateurs to learn from professionals and helps experienced dancers share their knowledge with newer students.

Our community can do the same for you. So, make sure you write in and let us know what you think. As we exchange knowledge and ideas about the best shoes, outfits, new styles, and inspiration in dance, we all get to encounter the new and exciting brands. Our community of vibrant, diverse dancers is constantly growing and evolving. This helps us all grow, develop new ideas, and get better at what we love to do, dance!

We are keen to build a community of people passionate about dance, and we cannot wait to have you in it! So, write to us, comment on our blogs and connect with us on social media. We would absolutely love to hear from you!