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The Best Dance Shoes for Different Kinds of Dances

Dancing undoubtedly requires prior preparations by any dancer. One of the many factors a dancer should be familiar with is the appropriate dance footwear. Knowing which type of shoes to wear for a particular dance is essential. You would not want to dance with nagging pain in the feet from uncomfortable footwear.

Besides, some dance styles go further and specify the kind of footwear appropriate for them. This piece outlines the types of the best shoes for different dances.

Tap Shoes

As the name indicates, these shoes are most common during a tap dance. They are referred to as tap shoes because they have a metal tap attached at the bottom of their toe and heel. During the performance, when the area with the metal strikes the surface, it produces a loud sound.

The metal tap at the base of the shoe is screwed on such that when it strikes the surface, an atonal sound is produced. A tonal variation can be achieved by adjusting the tap of the shoe. This type of dance goes back to the early 1600s. It is an energetic and elevating dance.

Pointe Shoes

Some dance styles require the performer to be lightweight and light-footed when jumping and moving around. These unique shoes are used when a ballet dancer has to perform a pointe. The dancers will momentarily go up on their toes. The shoes are designed to help the dancers achieve maximum time on their toes.

Dance Sneakers

Hip-hop amid other urban dance styles has a massive following in the streets. Dance sneakers are a form of cultural expression of the genre. Most hip-hop artists are associated with this footwear. In addition, hip-hop dancers wear them to express the fashion linked with the culture.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz dance can be challenging if one is  not equipped with the appropriate footwear. Jazz shoes provide the necessary support and flexibility. In addition, this type of shoe can be used in acro-dance and other types of acrobatic dances. They have thick soles that help absorb shock.

Before you pick the exact dance shoes to wear, you need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Comfort? Stability? Lightness? Even within a single category, for example, with jazz shoes, there are mini specifications that you should consider.